31st October 2022

  • Slow finishing all the development series
  • Working through the Fundamental Juggling Pattern series.
  • It is a big topic and is taking some time.

26th August 2022

  • Successfully migrated the site to a new host.
  • Hopefully this speeds up the site.

21st August 2022

  • Added the first FFP series.
  • This series covers 9 FFPs which all players need to master.
  • To find this series go to the Homework Series : Hwk series #2.

17th August 2022

  • Membership options and access issues resolved. 
  • At this point only members have access.
  • This will change soon. Guests, who don’t want to register, will have access too.
  • Shout out to the crew who test the site and let me know what works and what doesn’t.

16th August 2022

  • Problems with the members getting access to the right parts of the resource. Trying to resolve.

10th August 2022

  • Add the first series based on the homework of our practical program.
  • Players who master these ball mastery exercises will all ball moving exercises easier.

5th August 2022

  • Started the latest news page to keep a track on every that happens on the journey of this resource.

4th August 2022

  • Started to take the practical essence of the original TFT resource and put in in a more user friendly format,

28th July 2022

  • The final type of series added was a series based on levels.
  • So in a ‘levels; series all exercises are at a specific level.
  • This is particularly important for advanced players, who may not want to scroll through all exercises to get to the ones that would be challenging.

18th July 2022

  • We then added another type of series.
  • A series based on a component of technique.
  • For example : the first component series was based on juggling.

8th July 2022

  • The other series which needed to be transferred was a holiday series which worked through 10 different components of the game. [The Challenge series].
  • Each component with a challenge series, offers a beginner exercise, and is then developed to an advanced level.
  • The aim is for all players to find their current level and then work past this level and so to get an appreciation for the different technical components of the game.

7th July 2022

  • Started to develop the idea of a series.
  • We already had a couple of series being used in our practical program.
  • The homework series was already set up on the original resource. So this was transferred to this resource and developed.
  • See TST homework Series #1.

6th July 2022

  • The first thing added to the dashboard was a number of challenge videos. [See the Technical challenge Videos on the dashboard].
  • Almost all the videos were already done form years of building a text book like resource.

5th July 2022

  • Found a template website on which to build the resource.
  • The TFT video resource began.
  • The home page was built : Simple and basic was the aim.
  •  The home page had a simple slider and an instruction to go to the dashboard.

4th July 2022

  • The feedback was that the TFT resource wasn’t user friendly enough, so the search for an alternative began.
  • The aim was to create a ‘Netflix’ type resource but built as a football technical development resource.