Master the Fundamentals of Football

Great players are masters of the fundamentals. So use this resource to MASTER THE FUNDAMENTALS and become a great player.

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Every exercise in this resource can be practiced ‘alone’ at home with minimal equipment : You don’t need a coach : You don’t need a partner : All exercises start at a beginner level and then build : There is no excuse :

There is nothing stopping you improve – you just need to do the work.

Fundamental Passing Exercises : Block #1
Fundamental Footwork Patterns : Block #1
Fundamental Agility Patterns
Elevated Ball Control : Spring Rebounder
Fundamental Foot Shapes : Ball Mastery
Drag Back Vs [FFS-BM-FFPs]
Wall Work [FFS-BM-Touch]
FJP [Touch - EBM]

What is this resource about?

This resource is probably the best collection of free game functional technical football video challenges ever produced.

Push Your Limits

Dive into a vast collection of football challenges designed to push your skills to the next level. Each exercise is a test of precision, speed, and technique. Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Measure Your Progress

With every challenge comes an opportunity to measure your growth. Whether it’s 15 seconds of flawless execution or mastering 12 perfect touches, each test provides clarity on your development. Are you up for the challenge?

From Beginner to Elite

Explore a range of challenges, from the seemingly simple to the technically difficult. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, there’s something here to push you further. Can you master them all?

Earn Your Stripes

True mastery is earned through dedication and hard work. Complete every challenge within this resource, and then you’ll know for sure that you are a player with great technique (and touch). You now just need to go out and deliver on the pitch?

Work hard today.
Be a better player tomorrow.

The site is built on the back of 20+ years of full time private, small group and team based technical coaching. The experience and acquired knowledge gained from coaching and helping young players become professional and international level players is at the heart of this resource. A lot of time and effort has gone into putting the site together. Hopefully you enjoy using it.